Sussan H. Shore | Attorney at Law

I am writing this letter on behalf of David Kramer. I have known David professionally for over ten (10) years. He was first introduced to me by a mutual client who had engaged David’s services to sell the Beverly Hills home of her deceased parents. I was very impressed by David’s knowledge of the local real estate market, his attention to detail throughout the sales process, and the wonderful and attentive manner in which he served our client.

It was my pleasure to later recommend him to other clients who were looking for a realtor to either sell their residence or to assist them in finding a new residence. In all of these cases, I have received nothing but the best reports on how professional David had been and how helpful he was in assisting the clients with a very difficult process.

My practice specialty is in the area of Estates and trusts. Thus, having a member of our “professional team” like David Kramer, who is sensitive to the needs of the clients and who also appreciates the apprehension of the beneficiaries of the estate or trust, is essential.

I would, therefore, strongly recommend David Kramer, as I believe he will provide the best service for the client’s real estate needs.

David Kramer