Marla Tobey Sobel | Mass Equities

It is with great pleasure that I recommend David Kramer.  My husband, Drew Sobel and I hired David as our listing agent for the sale of our Santa Monica home.  After interviewing many local realtors who all suggested a price range that was certainly lower than what Drew and I would have wanted to sell our property for, David came up with a marketing strategy which included pricing in the hopes of attracting a multitude of possible well qualified buyers in hopes of an increased sales price.  David said that he likes to deliver results to exceed our expectations. Well, I am here to report that he certainly did.  Within one week, we had multiple offers and the final sales price was approximately $800,000 more than the top broker in our area expected to receive.

After 30 years in the real estate industry including residential and commercial, I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with his integrity and skill.  You will not be disappointed.

David Kramer